About Medstar
Medstar Television® is America's leader in televised and new media medical news and health information. In business since 1980, Medstar provides innovative programming to broadcast stations, Internet sites and cable networks worldwide through our staff of award-winning medical journalists and multi-media news professionals. We serve broadcasters from all major U.S. television networks, leading Internet sites, truTV, regional cable networks and international programmers.

Medstar Television stands for quality, accuracy, independence, and service. We understand the needs and concerns of our news clients, and we strive to help them connect with their audience through interesting, timely, well-produced stories that inform as well as capture the imagination. Your success is our success; we are committed to our clients and to our journalism.

Our People
Our editorial staff includes digital media experts, reporters, producers, researchers, videographers, video editors, and graphic artists. They offer decades of combined experience working with the Internet, health organizations and television news. Our sales and support staff comes from broadcast television news, healthcare, sales, and consulting in both television and Internet. They offer a thorough understanding of our clients' business, along with the latest techniques used around the country to attract and keep viewers.


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